Songs That Mention Politicians In Their Titles

Few of us want to hear politicians, and not many want to even hear about one. Occasionally, however, hearing the name of a governing official is actually joyful, because the reference comes in a song. Here are fourteen of those, all mentioning a politician or government leader.

Eleven Hit Songs Made Into Movies

Bohemian Rhapsody is the title of the upcoming Queen biopic, named after the band’s most well-known song. Other films about music artists have used their most popular song for the title, such as Mamma Mia about Abba and “I Walk the Line” about Johnny Cash. Famous songs have also been used for titles of movie concerts by certain groups, such as Led Zeppelin’s The Song Remains the Same and The Last Waltz by the Band.

How Copying Your Favorite Guitarist Harms Your Guitar Playing

Copying your favorite guitar players does not necessarily make you a better guitarist. Some great guitar players use inferior techniques even when they are proven to be inefficient.

Debut Solo Albums From Singers Of Great Bands

Each morning the birthday section of the local newspaper prints the names of the famous people who were born on that particular day, and there is almost always a prominent musician listed among them. In some cases the editor finds it necessary to mention the band name, as the musician probably is not known to many people who might know the group. Yesterday the paper listed Steve Vai, an esteemed but not widely recognized guitarist.

Local Storm Recalls Ten Songs With Lightning In Their Titles

When the storm hit the other night, I was fortunate enough to have my mp3 player handy. The sound through my ear phones became drowned out several times, most notably when a huge tree down the street got hit by lightning. After settling my nerves, I thoughT of how ironic it would be if a song about lightning appeared on my mp3 player.

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